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Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization

Anders Rex

December 15, 2013, Anders managed Lars at Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization

Director Air Force Systems at Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization

I have worked with Lars on more occasions. Recently I was his boss for one year, while Lars had the position as Branch Chief of Aviation Safety at the Danish Defence Logistics and Acquisition Organization. Due to a major reorganization of the entire organization, the branch was laid down and its tasks split to other parts of the company. 
Throughout the year, where I worked directly with Lars he has shown good management competences like developing and carrying out strategies and managing an extensive portfolio of projects and tasks. In addition, Lars shows good skills in creating holistic understanding for himself and his surroundings. 
Lars has put a great deal of effort in developing and exploiting his leadership competences like motivation and inspiration of colleagues and employees, and developing the competencies of the employees. 
Professionally, Lars has extensive competencies such as expertise in aviation safety and quality management. 
His personal competences includes being diligent and industrious and always approaching challenges with a positive attitude. Lars is always open to new challenges - professionally and personally - the latter shown in his involvement in the Travellers Club.

Peter Laustsen

November 6, 2013, Peter worked with Lars at Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization

Branch Chief F-16 at Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization

I have been working with Lars from 1999-2013 at the RDAF Air Material Command (since 2007 the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO)). During this period Lars has worked in different positions ranging from project manager and aviation engineering to Branch Chief of Aviation Safety. Lars is a very dedicated colleague, he maintain his motivation and get the job done. Lars is open minded and easy to work with. He is also a very humorous colleague and I can only recommend Lars.

Carsten Nørgaard

September 8, 2013, Carsten managed Lars at Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization

Formand for C-130J Joint User Group Steering Committee

Lars is extremely well-liked as a colleague and as chief. Both in the role as chief and as a colleague he appears empathetic and structured. He is articulated in speech and writing in English, Danish and several other languages. 
In a period Lars was head of the Aircraft Technology Branch in the DALO matrix organization, and was in the role of directing and controlling the allocation of resources to the organization's specialized sections. He therefore well knows the organizational principles that apply in this kind of organization, and he has a great experience in management, recruitment and retention of personnel.

Palle Buus Jensen

July 10, 2013, Palle Buus managed Lars indirectly at Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization

Chief Joint ICT Branch at Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization

I have had the good fortune of working together with Lars Munk at both the Danish Air Materiel Command and Danish Acquisition and Logistics Organization in various capacities. Lars has always distinguished himself by being able to see the big picture no matter how complicated and confusing things may be. He possesses a keen analytical sense, which in combination with his ability for planning, make him a very valuable person when implementing changes in procedures and organisation. In situations with too many tasks and too little time he keeps his calm and prioritises with a sure hand. In addition to his professional qualities Lars is a very pleasant person and a good colleague, whom I have always liked working together with.

Mogens Nielsen

August 13, 2013, Mogens managed Lars at Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization

Operational Logistics at SHAPE

1. During my assignment in the Danish Defense Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) as Branch Head for all matters related to Defense Planning, Acquisition and Execution of the entire portfolio regarding the Danish Armed Forces, I had the pleasure to have Mr. Lars Kierulff Munk as one of the most dedicated staff members of the entire staff of 30 persons. 

2. Mr. Lars Kierulff Munk served as staff member under my responsibility from May 2006 though to August 2007 (1 year 4 months). Mr. Lars Kierulff Munk main roles and responsibilities was related to, but not limited to, the following issues: 

a. Budget management: Establishing, control and follow-up on the budget of aircrafts with responsibility for 500 million €/year. 
b. Portfolio management of material projects and priority of projects. 
c. Development of policies and processes for a new organization. 
d. Ad hoc tasks upon requests from other branches and divisions. 

3. During his period in my staff Mr. Lars Kierulff Munk has fulfilled his duties with dedication and to a high quality. He has also achieved a broad and comprehensive knowledge on other topics not purely related to his main tasks, as well as Mr. Lars Munk Kierulf social behavior proved important in connecting military and civilian personnel achievements towards the same aim and objective. 

4. I can fully endorse Mr. Lars Kierulff Munk for his skills, dedication towards the job and social behavior.

Peter Gundelach

August 2, 2013, Peter managed Lars at Air Material Command, Royal Danish Airforce

Chief of Staff, Construction & Renewal at Rail Net Denmark

Jeg arbejdede 1999-2002 sammen med Lars om konfigurationsstyring, indkøb og projektstyring af flyvevåbnets transportfly. Lars er en meget behagelig, motiveret og dedikeret person, der skaber en masse positiv energi omkring sig. Lars er udadvendt og globalt orienteret. Jeg kan varmt anbefale Lars. 

I worked with Lars 1999-2002 on Royal Danish Air Force Transport Aircraft Configuration Management, Procurement and Project Management. Lars is a very pleasant, motivated and dedicated person, who creates a lot of positive energy around him. Lars is outgoing and globally oriented. I highly recommend Lars.less


Chairman, Project Manager, CEO - The Travellers Club of Denmark / De Berejstes Klub

Gerner Thomsen

August 25, 2013, Gerner worked directly with Lars at The Travellers Club of Denmark / De Berejstes Klub

IT Consultant

I really enjoyed working together with Lars for four years, when he was the chairman of The Travellers Club of Denmark. Lars managed to bring the club strategies and business plans to an extent not previously seen in the club. Among his many great achievements was to change the club's website into a modern communications forum for club members. I have always admired Lars' enthusiasm and ability to motivate others on the team. In combination with his own tireless work effort that surpasses all others, this is really an effective problem solver, which I think could be beneficial to any business.

Jacob Gowland Jørgensen

August 17, 2013, Jacob worked directly with Lars at De Berejstes Klub

Netværks- og kommunikationschef / Network and Communication Manager at Kommunikationsforum

I have highly enjoyed working with Lars over the last 4 years. He´s a powerhouse of good spirit, practical solutions and efficient project management - both in good and in difficult times. He´s a born manager, who can handle the long, strategic view as well as the day-to-day tasks in a way that create results, and where the team around him feel confident and involved. And, not at least, Lars has strong intercultural skills, and find himself at easy with many different kind of people and nationalities.


Chairman, Project Manager, CEO - Café Globen

Per Danielsen

August 2, 2013, Per worked directly with Lars at Café Globen

Founder & CEO PLDesign

I have had the pleasure of working together with Lars, when he was the chairman at Cafe Globen. Lars managed to transform the cafe from an unstructured organization to a well-driven cafe with clear visions. 
Lars has very good skills in motivating the group of volunteers running the cafe, but is also able to work very hard to accomplish the goals.